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ES Keeper 10SUS


  • Made in Korea (TAEWON)
  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • Neat and Piain


  • Automatic Driving Sensor
  • Voice announcement for safety
  • Indicator for Running Condition
  • Warning buzzer
  • Connected with Inverter Control Panel
  • Error code display (options)

Size and Weight

  • Main Post : 14X9.8X100cm (WxLXH) Weight 14kg input DC 24V
  • Sub Post : 14X9.8X100cm (WxLXH) Weight 14kg input DC 24V

Recommended Sites

  • International Airports, High-speed Railway Stations, Hotels, Casinos, Hospitals, Medical Centers, National Museums, Business Park, Corporate HQ buildings, Department Stores, etc.

Iconic References

  • Incheon Metro Subway Stations, Seoul National University Cancer Hospital, Kukje Electronics Center, Seoul Subway Stations Line 5~8, National Museum of Korea, etc.

ES Keeper 10SUS Construction Example

Seongnam Yeoju double line

Dobongsan Station

Gwangju Station