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It is Taewon Technology Research Institute which opens the future with new technology development.

Taewon Co., Ltd. is developing a disinfection device for escalator handrail, paying attention to the change of the times, and acquiring a patent for improving the automatic operation performance of the escalator such as multi-post with sensor rotation type and safety bar. In addition, we are actively keeping pace with national energy policy by developing and distributing street lamps and automatic rail raising equipment using energy-saving solar power generation for green growth work.
Taewon Research Institute Co., Ltd. is not satisfied with the present achievements and is concentrating on continuous research and development to improve the next generation elevator / escalator operation technology.

Patent registration status     Sensor used for escalator and moving walk Multi-post with adjustable angle of rotation (10-0888417)

  • Compact and easy to install

  • Rotation of the attached sensor is possible, and the position of the passenger to be detected can be freely set.

Patent registration status     Multi-post for escalator with safety device (10-0978903)

  • Infrared + ultrasonic sensors to detect boarding passengers

  • Equipped with a safety bar that can shut off both outlets in case of inspection or trouble

Patent registration status     Lighted multi-post (10-1069694)

  • Lighting function is added to the upper part of the multi-post to display the progress, stop and emergency situation

  • The occupant can also know the operation status of the escalator from afar.

Development Status     Advertising-type multi-post TW20121 (Design Registration No. 30-0654588, Patent Application No. 10-2012-002487)

  • Adjustable angle according to passenger visibility

  • 8 “LCD for advertisement video

  • Touch Screen guide display function (optional)

  • Single function without SUB POST

  • Color selectable

Development Status     Advertising type multi-post TW-20122 (Design Registration No. 30-0654587)

  • Addition of functions of existing model (navigation mark + advertisement image)

  • 7 “LCD for advertisement video